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Beacon Biosignals Selected by Longboard Pharmaceuticals to Advance Understanding of Epilepsy and Related Conditions

Beacon Biosignals

Collaboration will initially focus on the role of sleep endpoints in clinical trials relating to rare epilepsy syndromes

BOSTON, May 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beacon Biosignals announced a strategic partnership with Longboard Pharmaceuticals, Inc. that combines Longboard’s drug development expertise with Beacon’s neurophysiological platform to develop a better understanding of the relationship between sleep and neurological conditions with an initial focus in rare epileptic syndromes.

“We spend a third of our lives sleeping, yet sleep has received little attention when assessing the patient profile in many neurological conditions. As a result, clinical development of therapies that impact the brain have historically ignored the critical physiology of sleep when assessing patient outcomes and treatment effectiveness,” said Jacob Donoghue, MD, PhD, CEO of Beacon Biosignals. “Our partnership with Longboard changes all of that. We’re excited to collaborate in studying the utility of sleep and factors that may impact the management of neurological conditions, particularly in rare epilepsies.”

The Beacon Platform offers unparalleled tools to derive new insights for drug development and research. Initially, this collaboration will deploy Beacon’s FDA-cleared Dreem 3S™ EEG headband device and AI algorithm-derived neurobiomarkers to interrogate the neurophysiology of sleep longitudinally, at-scale, and from the comfort of a person’s home. This collaboration thereby enables Longboard to collect laboratory-quality sleep data while reducing the burden on patients and caregivers.

"Our partnership with Beacon will help us in our mission to transform the lives of patients with neurological and rare diseases," stated Randall Kaye MD, Chief Medical Officer at Longboard Pharmaceuticals.

“Longboard is excited to partner with Beacon with the goal of pioneering a new era of research by leveraging innovative biomarker insights, approaches, and technology. Our hope is to apply data and key learnings obtained from our combined experience in clinical studies and EEG analyses to ultimately improve outcomes for patients and their families,” stated Dr. Randall Kaye, Longboard’s Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Kaye added, “our partnership with Beacon will help us in our mission to transform the lives of patients with neurological and rare diseases.”

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Beacon Biosignals is the leading at-home EEG platform for precision drug development. Its FDA 510(k)-cleared Dreem 3 EEG headband and FDA-cleared algorithms enable and accelerate research and development of treatments that transform the lives of patients with neurological, psychiatric, and sleep disorders. Beacon’s Clinico-EEG database contains over 100,000 patients’ brain activity data, and its cloud-native analytics platform empowers rapid interrogation of RWD/RWE for retrospective and predictive studies. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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