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Beacon for Life Sciences

De-risk, accelerate, and differentiate your pipeline.

Our industry partners are developing next-generation therapies to transform the lives of patients. We’re here to help every step of the way. Whether a company is focused on epilepsy, neurodegenerative disease, sleep disorders, mental health or immuno-oncology, we help extract the most rigorous insights about their target patient population and their asset’s effects. Our EEG neurobiomarkers serve as clinical endpoints and de-confound pivotal primary outcome measures needed for drug approval. Throughout clinical development, our machine learning-enabled analytics and rapid read-times accelerate clinical trials, prioritize patient safety and maximize clinical impact.

Beacon for Clinical Investigators

Ask bigger questions, obtain novel insights, get faster results.

Our academic partners do innovative and impactful work. We’re here to help make sure they have access to cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, and are not limited by small data sets or computational resources. Beacon’s platform allows clinical investigators to expand the scope of their EEG research and deepen their impact.

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