The Dreem Headband

Clinically-validated, scalable sleep monitoring for clinical trials

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Dreem for Clinical Trials
The Headband
A reliable alternative to PSG to measure and diagnose sleep patterns.
PSG quality
In a lightweight, easy to use device
EEG sensors
5 EEG sensors to measure EEG:
2 frontal sensors in F7 and F8 locations to measure frontal brain activity
1 ground sensor on the frontal band (Fp2 location)
2 occipital sensors on O1 and O2 locations to monitor occipital brain acticity
Bone conduction speaker for audio output
3D accelerometer to measure movements, head position, and respiratory rate/trace during sleep
Power Button
Magnet port for charging
At-home sleep monitoring
A reliable alternative to PSG to measure and diagnose sleep patterns
Dreem 3
Patient experience
Brain waves monitoring (EEG)
Longitudinal monitoring
Automatic sleep staging
The Alfin App
Intuitive mobile experience for participants & investigators
1. Download Alfin
2. Pair it with the Dreem headband
3. Connect to WiFi
4. Give it to subjects
5. Start collecting data
User Centric
Easy start and stop of the night, in both inpatient and outpatient settings
Immediate feedback
Ensures that the headband is correctly placed on the head prior to data collection
Increased engagement
With assessment data made available after each night with the headband
Direct synchronisation
A wireless system transfers the aggregated metrics from the headband to the app
Advanced Analytics
Machine Learning For Sleep
  • Automatically calculate sleep endpoints atop incoming biosignal recordings (TST, WASO, etc.)
  • Measure signal quality and recording compliance to ensure high-quality analysis results
Data management system
  • Easy access to your recordings
  • Access to secured platform for compliance and data quality assessments
  • Integrated cloud data management
Complete study support
  • Account Management - A dedicated account manager to ensure the sucess of your research throughout the whole protocol.
  • Dedicated documentation - From detailed descriptions of the headband, how to’s, to protocol information. We provide you with documentation at every step of the way: before, during and after your participants’ visits.
  • Ongoing support - A technical team supports you throughout the whole process.
Independent Review
Our Publications
Headband Use
Data Access
    I would like to start a study using the headband, who should I contact?

    If you want to start a study using the headband, please send us a request using this link:

    What is the regulatory status of the headband?

    The Dreem 3S “System” is FDA 510(k) cleared to capture electroencephalogram (EEG) data from subjects to monitor sleep architecture and aid in the diagnosis of disturbed sleep. The Dreem 3 Neuroband is FDA-registered as a biofeedback device intended to provide information about physiological parameters during sleep. It is not intended to be used for diagnosis purposes in the US and EU. The Dreem 3 Neuroband also has a consumer CE marking.

    Is the headband suitable for children?

    The Dreem 3 headband is designed to fit head perimeters between 520-620mm (20,47"-24,41"), so children must have a head size that fits this specification. To ensure good signal quality, the headband must be properly adjusted, the tighter it is, the better the signal quality. For pediatric studies, it is therefore not the age of the child which needs to be taken into account but rather head size. While the headband can fit adolescents well, it may vary from one child to another in younger populations (under 11s).

    Do you have an API?

    Yes, the Beacon Platform has an externalizable API available to partners. Please contact us for details!