Beacon provides a scalable EEG analytics platform aimed at accelerating and de-risking therapeutics in neurology, psychiatry, and sleep medicine. Powered by a combination of unique data assets and machine learning algorithms, our platform identifies and standardizes neurobiomarkers to increase the probability of success at each stage of drug development.

Translational Research
Analyze existing EEG for insights into mechanism, PK/PD and patient stratification to guide further development efforts.
Qualified Biomarker Development
Develop and validate neurobiomarkers to improve cohort selection, de-confound standard clinical assessments, and identify novel endpoints.
Efficacy & Dose-Finding
Improve dose-finding with direct neurophysiologic insights and identify promising responses to properly power subsequent trials.
Continuous Analysis
Aggregate and analyze trial data in real-time to ensure consistency across trial sites, prioritize patient safety and reduce trial delays.


Machine Learning Built for Time Series Data

Beacon harnesses deep learning and advanced digital signal processing to build algorithms that can predict expert consensus on EEG events more accurately and reliably than any individual expert. This enables high-resolution interrogation of neurophysiological data and construction of novel endpoints that can't be captured by tools like MRI, actigraphy, or genetic analyses.


Rapid Biomarker Discovery from Custom Retrospective Cohorts

Beacon’s Datastore™ enables extraction of custom cohorts to precisely match a target patient population. Associated metadata supports identification of strata-specific effects and developing mixed models with other clinical data types. Analysis of custom cohorts can drive mechanistic insights, identify novel endpoints and perform power calculations for subsequent trials.


Enhanced Reporting For Clinical Trials

Our validated reports summarize subject- and cohort-level results, including clinical EEG interpretation by qualified neurologists and quantitative metrics that would not be possible without automation.


We partner with biopharma companies, academic medical centers, and neurotechnology developers to improve the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

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