Powering precision medicine for the brain

Beacon’s EEG neurobiomarker platform is engineered to accelerate clinical trials and enable new treatments for patients with neurological and psychiatric disease.

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Biomarker Applications

  • Treatment Efficacy

    Quantitative assessment of treatment impact on EEG and sleep data ensure clinical endpoints are reached

  • PK/PD & Dose Selection

    Understand PK/PD relationships with brain activity to identify doses with optimal efficacy and safety profiles

  • Population Stratification

    Identify optimal patient populations to understand and select cohorts

Enabled by our end-to-end augmented EEG platform

  • Dreem Headband

  • State of the Art Machine Learning

  • World-Class Clinico-EEG Database

How We Create Impact

  • Translational Research

    Analyze existing EEG for insights into mechanism, PK/PD and patient stratification to guide further development efforts

  • Clinical Trial Optimization

    Demonstrate target engagement, guide dose selection, and deploy quantitative endpoints to improve probability of trial and regulatory success

  • Commercial Differentiation

    Enhance understanding of treatment efficacy and guide label expansion for new therapeutic applications



We partner with biopharma companies, academic medical centers, and neurotechnology developers to improve the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

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