Powering precision medicine for the brain

Beacon’s EEG neurobiomarker platform is engineered to accelerate clinical trials and enable new treatments for patients with neurological and psychiatric disease.

What We Do

  • Efficacy

    Quantitative assessment of treatment impact on EEG and ERP data ensure clinical endpoints are reached

  • Safety Monitoring

    EEG reports delivered with unprecedented speed and accuracy, eliminating adjudication with enhanced inclusion/exclusion criteria

  • Population Stratification

    Identify optimal patient populations to maximize effective treatments

Enabled by our end-to-end augmented EEG platform

  • State of the Art Machine Learning

  • World-Class Clinical EEG Database

  • Expert Neurologist Network

How We Create Impact

  • Translational Research

    Analyze existing EEG for insights into mechanism, PK/PD and patient stratification to guide further development efforts

  • Clinical Trial Optimization

    Improved cohort selection and proactive in-trial monitoring can mitigate risk of trial failure due to severe side effects or missed endpoints

  • Commercial Differentiation

    Best-in-class safety profiles and at-home monitoring are highly valued by both patients and clinicians

Trusted Partners & Investors


We partner with biopharma companies, academic medical centers, and neurotechnology developers to improve the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

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