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Beacon Biosignals welcomes David Matthews, PhD, as Chief Business Officer

Beacon Biosignals

Newly created position will scale the growth of Beacon’s breakthrough technology to understand brain activity, and help accelerate the development of new treatment approaches

Boston, MA - Feb 1st, 2025 - Beacon Biosignals, a leading computational neurodiagnostics and EEG analytics company, has appointed David Matthews, PhD, as Chief Business Officer to oversee commercial and strategic activities.

Beacon Biosignals partners with top biopharma companies to better understand brain health using clinical-grade EEG and AI-powered analysis. The company’s Dreem 3S wearable medical device enables validated sleep endpoints at-home and unlocks a scale of brain activity data never before available.

Dr. Matthews will draw on his deep expertise in healthcare strategy, commercial development, and computational neuroscience to create new partnerships, expand relationships, and drive continued innovation for Beacon Biosignals through the company’s next phase of growth.

“Sleep is a core component of health, but has never before been fully characterized as a rigorous diagnostic or biomarker of disease,” said Dr. Matthews. “I’m convinced that Beacon’s combination of at-home, 510(K)-cleared hardware and AI-powered software will enable a sea change in how neurological and psychiatric conditions are understood and treated. It’s an honor to join this exceptional team and help drive Beacon’s bold vision of precision medicine for the brain, particularly at such a pivotal moment for clinical neuroscience.”

"We are thrilled to welcome David to our leadership team," said Jacob Donoghue, MD PhD, CEO of Beacon Biosignals. “In the five years since founding Beacon, we’ve scaled from a promising scientific idea to true differentiator for clinical development – every study for a drug that could affect the brain can and should have clinical-grade brain monitoring. Dave’s experience and drive to make a difference in the lives of patients will help make that vision a reality.”

Dr. Matthews has spent his career in life sciences and healthcare. He most recently served as Chief Growth Officer at BrightInsight, a leading digital health platform for regulated Software as Medical Device development, where he drove commercialization and market expansion efforts over BrightInsight’s last four years of exceptional growth. He was previously a Partner at Boston Consulting Group, helping to lead the biopharmaceutical and medical technology practices, serving diagnostics, in-home health, and therapeutics manufacturers and service providers on strategy, commercial, R&D, and digital topics. Dr. Matthews’ scientific background is in neuroscience and artificial intelligence, where he has published across machine learning, bioinformatics, brain imaging, sensory processing, and health economics. He holds a PhD in Computational Neurobiology from the University of California San Diego and the Salk Institute, a BA in Molecular Biology and Bioengineering from Princeton University, and has been the recipient of awards and funding from the NIH, the NSF, BCG’s Henderson Institute, and others.

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Beacon's machine learning platform for EEG enables and accelerates new treatments that transform the lives of patients with neurological, psychiatric or sleep disorders. Through novel machine learning algorithms, EEG wearables, large Clinico-EEG RWE datasets, and advances in cloud-based scientific computing, Beacon Biosignals is changing the way patients are treated for disorders of the brain. For more information, visit To work together, visit Follow us on Twitter (@Biosignals) or LinkedIn (

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